This week I was challenged to write a nonfiction narrative. This was something completely foreign me. I had no idea what this was or how to even go about. We were to pick a photo that a classmate had posted to inspire our writing. The photos that were posted had so many different opportunities and showed how unique we each are. So I picked a photo and took a stab at nonfiction narrative. ‘Story’ telling is not one of my strengths, I tend to leave things out or just go on forever. So I tried to write it like a personal narrative- well all I can say is that I tried.

Before I could start writing my nonfiction narrative I went on a hunt for more information. I took to google to see what else I could find. There was a lot of information there and pictures that helped me understand. I did not have a favorite to share. But there are some great sources out there. One was shared with me in class and it is a new picture book that just came out and it a nonfiction narrative poem, it is called Poet. The book trailer just shows how powerful this genre can be. After this I had a little more of an understanding and decided to take a stab at writing in this genre. This was a challenge for me like I said earlier story telling is not my thing. While writing one of my peers created a great video that helped me realize that nonfiction narrative is a genre that I have actually been exposed to but never knew it. Many times I feel like it would get clustered into realistic fiction and biographies.

Reading Nonfiction narratives now that I know what they are, have been a great way to learn about history and the events that have shaped our county and lives. These are also ways that we have been able to grab our students attention in learning the facts about history. I think about it as a way we have been learning for centuries. Story telling has been the oldest way of passing on information. People are able to relate to stories and remember them. We still share stories and events today that have effected our lives. Putting them into written form can sometime be the challenge.

Since this was a challenge that many of my peers took on, I was able to see what they had written about and their take on nonfiction narrative. This helped me to see even more how powerful this genre of writing can be. The stories from my peers are moving and you feel like you are there with them experiencing the event.

This is a genre that I would love to explore with my students. They have so many stories to tell and things that have happened in their lives. Teaching them a new way of writing and looking at the events in the worlds and their lives. This is also a writing lesson that can also work with a great mentor text like Poet that I mentioned above. Hopefully I will have time this year to explore this writing with my students.