So this semester I have been challenged in my grad school class with gaming in the classroom. Our class is run similar to a game with challenges, quests, experience points, achievement points and badges. At first I was extremely overwhelmed and had no idea how this was going to pan out. But as we are three weeks in, I am getting more excited about this process and thinking about how I can use it in my classroom. Since I am only a week into my school year I am still able to introduce new ideas like gaming to my students and not have it through us off track. This is something I want to do and am looking for the best way to go about it. Some of my peers have already started to introduce this into their classrooms and are having great feed back, which makes me even more excited and eager to try this with my students.

So one of the challenges I had this semester was to create a video game using Splondor. This was a great experience and very fun to do. It challenged me to think of how I can use gaming in my classroom. So I created a game that you can check out here it turned out to be fun and a learning experience for me. I plan to have my students play the game and work on different literacy skills, then create their own game. This could be the perfect way to reach my students who need that extra motivation to learn. This will allow them to play a video game (something that they love) and learn content.

Adding gaming into the classroom would be a challenge but I am sure I would be able to find support in my school. There is always the concern of, wont it look like students are just playing all day? There has to be a balance in the classroom. Technology and gaming can be a great thing to use in the classroom but it cannot replace good practices. These things will only enhance it. Like i stated earlier this can be a way to reach my students who do not like school and would much rather be playing games. As  a teaching I am always looking for a way to engage my students and keep them excited about school. This can become a problem when I am always battling games for attention.

So I started to search for more information on gaming in the classroom. I took to every teachers favorite site pinterest to see if I could find anything on gaming in the classroom. So far all I found was center games and board games that have been turned academic. Which is another great way to get students attention. Gaming in the classroom is something new to me and I have already seen so many benefits form it in my own grad school experience. Im hoping that after we get the school year rolling this is something I can start to bring in.