When most people think of a new year they go to January first- the start of a new calendar year. For me the new year starts with back to school. With the start of a new school year, I get a new class full of smiling faces. Even with the challenges that lie ahead with a new class it is always exciting to see what will happen and watch students grow over the year. There is always an adventure waiting to be had. I never know what we (my students and I) are going to experience.

So Where am I now? I am entering my 4th year of teaching and my second year of grad school. This has been an adventure and one that has helped me grow as a teacher and a person. I started Grad school at the end of my second year of teaching and it was the best decision I made. I was ready to leave education just after two years. With the start of school I was able to reflect back on myself as a teacher and the challenges that I had faced my first two years. I was nervous starting school again, not knowing what was going to happen. I have come so far and now have a new support group and what seems like an endless list of resources to help me as teacher.

As I have grown as a teacher there are many challenges that I have encountered and some of those challenges even turned to strengths. My biggest challenge as a new teacher was classroom management with struggling students that are typically labeled as behavior problems. This is something that I am no expert in but I feel like this is an area I have grown in and grad school has helped me with this. I have been given idea about text to use in the classroom to support student growth and give all students an opportunity to feel successful in school. I plan to continue to grow in this area and many more in my classroom. Every year I learn something new from my peers and my students. Something that I see as a strength in my classroom is keeping my students active. We are a room of motion and hands on, yes there are the times where we must sit in our seats but I try my best to keep my students engaged.

What is happening now?

With the start of a new year here and the start of grad school- classes are underway. After our first class we explored the idea of ‘Knowledge is…”. This was a conversation that allowed everyone to explore a definition of knowledge and what it means to each individual. As we explored knowledge I saw that we all thought of it as something different, you can see our thoughts on twitter using #knowledgeis This is something that would be interesting to explore with my students and see what they believe knowledge is. I can only imagine what they would think.