As I finish reading Opening Minds by Peter H. Johnston, I am now more aware of things that go in the classroom. Like I have started earlier the world that is my classroom is a safe place where my students are able to express themselves and be themselves. There the little bumps that come up in the classroom as always but we manage them. We have come together to solve many problems and work things out, our room is a give and take. We try to keep everything together and respect everyone no matter what. Some days is it easier than others.

In chapter 8 Johnston talks about working together in the classroom. There are many times that students attempt to work together but spend more time arguing then talking together to find a common ground. When this happens I tend to step in hear both side and help them agree on something in the middle. This is hard for my students to do on their own even though we work together often since they all believe in their idea and don’t want to stray from it. But when we do get to common ground it is amazing what they are able to produce and share. This is one thing that I want to do better in my classroom. Teaching my students to think together will help them work together and come to commit ground easier. They will be able to respect the others opinions more and complete more task. By building this foundation in the beginning of the year students will be to work together better. This will also allow them to listen to their peers and reflect on what the others said and think of what they can add. Thinking together will be a powerful tool when used in the classroom.

Chapter 9- As we continue working our our classroom worlds, we are not only helping students learn we are helping them grow for the future. There are many days that I look at my students and look at the potential they have for the future. We talk about our goals and dreams for when we grow up. But when we look closer at what we are learning, there are many times when my students will still say to pass the test and to do well in the classroom. I know as an educator this is something that I am working towards changing for my students. I want them to be able to see that what they are learning have value and will help them later in life and not just to pass a test. There are so many things that I am able to do with my students that help them grow as individuals. Yes the curriculum is important but so is the social and fun aspect of the school day. By getting all these things to link together students are learning how to function in society and our classroom world. The goal is for them to be members of the community and make an impact.

There are so many things that I know I can do better but I feel like everyday I am helping my students to make a difference and to help them grow. The goals I have for myself reflect the goals I have for my students. Together we can accomplish so much and grow together.