While reading chapters 6 and 7 of Opening Minds by Peter H. Johnston, I continue to think about to my practice and what is going on in my classroom. There are so many things happening at once in the classroom that keeping my students engaged and giving them a safe place to learn.

While reading chapter six I think more about the world that I have built for my students. I know that the words I use have such an impact on their lives and worlds-being aware of what I do and say have an impact on my students lives. Mind reading is one way we as teachers interact with students. We want our students to think like us and guess what we are thinking/read our minds. We have them do this while reading as well to understand the characters. This also goes with social reasoning which is used to find a new/deeper understanding. This helps us when we read to make sense of what is going on and how to understand the characters. This is something that we lead our students to find on their own. These things are hard to see in the classroom but have a great impact. There are many times I prompt my children to discover a word on their own or an idea. I will let them know what my thoughts/clues are that helped me. This has helped them, but I have never thought to explain my facial expressions and thoughts in way that students can look at someone and make the inference of what is going on. This is something that can help them when working in groups and in whole class discussions. Social reasoning is something I would think that I use more in the classroom. We make inferences daily about what we are learning and reading. We try to build reasoning and understanding with characters. There are still so many areas in this that I can grow to help my students. Giving them more opportunities to read others minds and discuss their social inferences on what is going on.

In chapter seven Johnston talks about moral development, what is injustice and unfair. This allows us to look deepening into understanding our students thoughts and have them put actions with their words. By teaching our students to back up their opinions and with facts and support. They are able to put reasonable actions behind their opinions they are able to defend and support their opinions. With moral development students are able to build upon their backgrounds of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and support it. This is something that I try to encourage and support in the classroom but have my own difficulties with it since there are so many things that are hushed in the public school. Since social injustice is something that is seen daily I would like to find ways to incorporate it into my classroom more.

As I continue to read I think of all the different things that happen in my students world that is our classroom.