This school year has a been a year of change for my building. We have undergone a lot  of changes already in such a short time. Walking into our building on the first work day we have no idea what we were in store for. Change was how we started our school year and seems to be the theme for this year. As stressful as it may seem it has been a great experience so far.

When the school year started we did not have a principal but central office had placed a retired principal into our school to help get things up and running. We were off to a great start. Our staff pulled together and pushed through this. We came together to get things set in the school and started working. My grade level came together to make sure we were off to the right start and that our students were ready for what was coming. As the year progressed we were given a great announcement that was another change for us. The county had hired out principal and with that came all the stories of what has happened in the past (not the best things to hear) but going in positive is the best thing I have done. Ready to welcome the changes that are coming.

With all of this going on in the beginning of the year you would think things would calm down but no they have not. We were then given the news that our Assistant Principal would be leaving for personal/ family reason. We are now under a new change. We are settling in with our new principal and getting ready to see what else will be coming our way. Central Office has given us an amazing interim AP that has gone above and beyond and so willing to do anything to help us all. The hunt for a new AP is under way- now things have to calm down right?

That would be the hope but there is more this time it is a little more personal change. My grade level had a team member leave for a wonderful teaching opportunity and she will be greatly missed. Now we are in the wonder of what is going to happen. We have a long term sub coming in to get help continue the year but there is the fear of a new teacher not getting and the classroom getting broken up/ split up.

Even with all this change going on in our school, walking in you would never know. We have come together as a family and continue to do what is best for our students. As the changes continue in our lives and schools there is only one way to ever approach them and that is with a positive attitude and look out for what is best.

I am excited to see where these changes will take me and my students. We are prepared for whatever will come our way and will take on these changes.