As I wrote about in an earlier post I am very excited to add technology/media into my literacy instruction. As the year has progressed I have been able to implement some of these ideas.

MY students have loved these projects. They have been able to take their prior knowledge from a lesson and expand on it. So far we have been able to explore 3 technology ideas/lessons.

PowerPoint: We have gone over the basics of power point, how to insert photos, smart art, text boxes, bullets and list. Their first project was on the moon, earth, and sun. We had just finished up a unit on the moon and I wanted to expand their learning so they researched them and created a powerpoint with the information they found. This was done within the first 4 weeks of school and now that we are nine weeks in they are starting to explore with transitions and movement in PowerPoint. I am excited to see how these projects will turn out. Our technology teacher has also taken on the task of helping with PowerPoint.

Glogster: Internet Posters. This was a tool I had learned about in college and knew it was a great way to display student information in a public way outside of the classroom and school. After we had learned about the tribes in North Carolina the students were challenged to pick a region and create a Glog on it. I did a quick introduction on it and they were off. They took the information we had learned plus some more from their research. The final projects are amazing and are a great way to showcase my students new knowledge.



Pixton: Comics are a great way to help with reading skills. I used comics to help introduce inferencing and then decided to use them as a way for my students to express their writing since comics are not always considered ‘formal’ writing. Our most recent science unit was on fossils and and my students seemed to really enjoy it. Even though we had learned about dialogue I had noticed my students checking out graphic novels from the library and knew that comics would be the perfect link.

pixton1 pixton2

Blogging: So far this has been an epic fail in my classroom. I have started a blog site for my students and have not followed through with getting them to blog. I even linked it to our classroom site. My plan for getting our blog up and running is to add it to our literacy centers since one of our centers is a writing center that allows students to free write using the skills we have learned in class, i.e. paragraphs, subjects, predicates, conjunctions, and punctuation. Their writing so far has been a joy to read that I need to get it out for our parents and peers to read. This my goal.

Twitter: This is something that a few of my peers in grad school have started since our class is using twitter as a means of communication. I would love to start this with my students- I would be in charge of the account and monitoring it but giving my students opportunity to “tweet” what we are learning, our thoughts and what is going on. My plan is to have students write their tweets on a paper and I would post them through out the day or at the end of the day. This would also allow them to connect to other classrooms in the county and neighboring counties.

So far I think we are off to great start with incorporating technology/media into our classroom but I know we have a long way to go.