It is crazy to think that the first nine weeks or first quarter of the school year is over. Time is flying by!

So far this year we have already covered so much and grown as learners, not only have my students learned from me I have learned from them. This year has a been a great challenge- jumping grade levels first to fourth – learning the history of the state and much more. This has been great experience and I would trade it or my kids for anything we have been able to accomplish so much.

We had a very smooth start to our year and things were looking upward. I was loving fourth grade and knew this was a great change for me. Then we got to math…oh how math was not my subject in school and how I struggled. I dreaded teaching math to my kiddies, I was so afraid of what would happen- Would they hate math like me? Can I teach them math? Are they understanding this? The struggles and worries I had. I was sure my grade level was sick of my worries since they started before the kids even came in the door but they have stood by me.

As we got into math I felt much more confident and KNEW my students and I could tackle this. We were making great progress- hit a speed bump- multi digit multiplication but we overcame it. Now we are on our next speed bump this one more like a speed hump- long division- and I am sure we will tackle this one too.

I have learned from my students how to take a step back and look at things differently. This has been a great thing for me.

Now literacy on the other hand is something I feel much more comfortable teaching. I have a passion for reading and wanting to help turn my students into readers. We have the battles of wanting to read and not wanting to write and vise versa but continue to grow. My challenge this was adjusting from teaching students how to read to teaching students to comprehend and enjoy reading. So far I think we have a made a great switch. We have been able to turn reading and writing into ‘fun’ activities that get us moving, searching books, reading and writing similar to authors. (our next writing task)

Science and Social Studies have been such fun since I am learning along with my students the history of North Carolina and science topics- the moon and fossils and the scientific method so far. Along with our science project. They have been so involved and encouraging of one another.

I love how eager my students are to learn this year and how much they try even when they want to give up and somedays I am right there with them but we push through. This first nine weeks of school how showed me how amazing my students are and how much they are willing to do.

I cannot wait to see what the second nine weeks hold for us!