There has been a push on technology in the classroom since the 21st century classroom came around. But do we really know what we are doing with this technology? As we are encouraged to use it and Profession Development has been put into place, is it even effective?

I have found that technology keeps students interest since it is what they are use to. So often they are more engaged on the computer and with games, than with reading.

In the past I have taught first graders and used technology as a way to help them get involved with stories. ipadThey would listen to stories on the iPad and swipe to see what was coming next. They were so excited to use the iPad that they did not even realize they were engaged in a story. They loved being able to ‘read’ on the iPad. Also allowing them to type a writing piece that they have completed was the best thing ever.

Now that I am teaching fourth grade I am able to use technology in a new way. My students are more exposed to it and know how to do different things. They are able to complete research projects and present them. They are still engaged in reading to find the information but again they do not realize that. It is wonderful what technologies we have in the classroom, but I know there is more that i could be doing with my students to help them.

This is not my first encounter with adding technology into the classroom. While in undergrad studies I was exposed to many great technologies to use in the classroom including blogging. Some of them being: Edmodo, iMovie using iPods, pixton, camtasia, youtube, virtual field trips and animoto. All of these programs are great for projects for students to work on and many of them integrate literacy with reading for research or writing and students do not realize it since they are using technology.

The problem that I have encountered with using these in the classroom is the limited home use. While teaching in a title one school, many of my students and their families do not have access to these technologies. Also when working with younger grades it was much harder to have students work independently on these programs. Now that I am in upper elementary I am excited to see what my students can produce and how they can take advantage of these technologies.

ppl_wht_wprd_body_sbid8055i_humanBodyFaceLeftMR.ashxUsing technology in the classroom is something that I am very excited about and egger to use. In my past two years of teaching I have been exposed to SMART technologies and it has helped my students more than they know. We (as a class) have been able to interact with lessons and step away from paper/pencil. We are able to use technology in a basic way that is still effective.

I am excited to see where technology will take us in the classroom and the adventure my students and I will embark on together.